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Jamie the visual artist...

...going hand in hand with her love of musical artistry, Jamie has been a self-taught commissioning freelance artist for many years. She works in a variety of mediums, but feels most at home in realism using lead, charcoal, ink and digital hand-drawing to create representative works for her clients. In her own time, Jamie finds fulfillment in evoking moods and emotions through her work and drawing the eye to real time moments and elements often missed. 

Jamie treats all of her artistic work, both musical and visual as an opportunity to connect with her audiences and she feels privileged for the opportunity in both of these worlds. 

Interested in the process of commissioning your own work? Click below to find out more. 

Prints available of numerous works upon request.



Step 1:

Contact me! Let's talk about your ideas. I pride myself on creating a personalized experience with each of my clients. Are you inspired by something you've seen? Let me know! Have a photo you just love or a special person you would like to honour with a portrait? Let's look at it! 

The sky is the limit! Let's chat :)

Step 2:

Let's discuss a fair price. I have some standard estimates that can be very helpful but all projects are unique so let's make sure everything is transparent and there is nothing unexpected. Now, send me your inspiration and it's time for me to get to work. I request a small 25% deposit based on our agreed upon rate before I  begin your piece and the balance upon completion. 

Step 3:

The waiting game... most pieces will take me a couple of weeks (though this will vary with complexity). But I promise I am working away. I spend a great deal of time making sure your piece is something I am proud to present to you. Let's discuss a shipment or pickup/delivery method that works best and I will get your piece to you in the best possible way. 

My style is based upon realism and capturing my subjects in great detail, this means I always prefer the highest resolution/quality photo possible as the inspiration for your piece. 

I can't wait to hear from you!


Thanks for submitting!

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